Right At Home Electric specializes in comprehensive electrical services and is one of the premier electricians Halifax has to offer. We expertly handle upgrades, car chargers, renovations, and much more. Explore all of our services below.

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At Right At Home Electric, we’re dedicated to bolstering your Halifax property’s energy efficiency and safety. Whether you’re adding new appliances, renovating, or just need more juice, we’re here to enhance your system’s capacity safely and efficiently. Service upgrades are crucial for handling modern electrical demands—think major appliances and tech-heavy offices. We’ll replace outdated panels, ensuring your system is robust and reliable. 

Overloaded systems can risk safety; our service upgrades prevent that. We evaluate your needs, install superior panels, and set the stage for seamless power delivery. It’s about more than just meeting codes—it’s about delivering consistent, quality energy solutions tailored for you.

By choosing us for your service upgrades, you’re not just meeting code requirements; you’re also increasing your property’s value and saving on future energy costs. A modernized electrical system is a compelling feature, signaling to potential buyers that your property is not only safe and up-to-date but also ready to accommodate their electrical needs.

At the same time, you’ll avoid costly outages that could cause major headaches down-the-line. Trust us with your electrical upgrades that truly make a difference and thrive in the modern world.



At Right At Home Electric, our panel replacement services ensure your Halifax property meets the electrical needs of Nova Scotia’s extreme weather shifts. As your life changes with the addition of high-end electronics or home expansions, your electrical panel should keep pace. We provide meticulous panel replacements that fortify your system’s integrity and efficiency.

An outdated panel isn’t just an inconvenience; it poses a safety risk and can hinder your property’s functionality. We conduct thorough assessments, remove aging panels, and install state-of-the-art units for a seamless transition to enhance your home or residential building’s electrical performance. This process isn’t just about adhering to current standards; it’s about customizing your power supply to match your specific wants and needs.

Opting for a panel replacement with us means safeguarding your home against the pitfalls of insufficient power. It’s a forward-thinking choice that not only secures compliance with safety regulations but also boosts your property’s resale value. A new panel sends a clear message: this property is equipped to handle the demands of future technologies and conveniences.

Moreover, it minimizes the risk of power disruptions that can lead to damage and expensive repairs.



At Right At Home Electric, we empower your Halifax home or commercial property to be a hub for electric vehicle charging, catering to Tesla and other EV models. With the rise of eco-friendly transportation, having a personal charging port is no longer a luxury, it’s a necessity. We specialize in installing robust, high-performance car chargers, ensuring that your home or business is conviently prepared.

Your electric vehicle deserves a charging station that matches its sophistication and our installations promise just that. We meticulously assess your property to fit charging stations that cater to public spaces or private residences, guaranteeing a swift and powerful charge every time. Our service is tailored not just to today’s EVs but is forward-compatible with the next generation of electric vehicles.

Choosing our car charger installation service means embracing innovation. A dedicated EV charging station increases the functionality and appeal of any property, signaling a commitment to sustainability. For homeowners, it adds a distinctive advantage for resale value, and for businesses, it positions you as a forward-thinking leader in accommodating the green shift in transportation.

With Right At Home Electric, you’re not only facilitating convenience but also contributing to a cleaner future. Invest in a car charger installation that meets the demands of current Tesla and EV owners.



At Right At Home Electric, we ensure that you’re safeguarded against unpredictable voltage spikes with our comprehensive surge protection services. In an age where electronics are integral to every aspect of our lives, protecting them from sudden power surges is crucial. Our surge protection solutions are designed to shield your valuable electronics and appliances, providing peace of mind in your home and longevity of your investments.

Our Halifax team specializes in the installation of advanced surge protectors that seamlessly integrate with your property’s electrical system. These devices are engineered to detect and neutralize excess electricity, preventing it from causing damage to connected equipment. Whether it’s safeguarding a home entertainment system or critical business infrastructure, our approach is tailored to meet the unique needs of each client.

Opting for Right At Home Electric’s surge protection service not only secures your electronic devices from harm but also serves as a proactive measure that adds value to your property. Homeowners benefit from an added layer of security for their technological assets, while businesses can avoid costly downtime and repairs. Bottom line, it’s a smart investment.

By choosing us for your surge protection needs, you’re taking a significant step towards mitigating electrical risks. It’s about more than just safeguarding your current setup; it’s about preparing your property to face electrical challenges confidently, ensuring that your electronic essentials are protected today and in the future.



At Right At Home Electric, we illuminate Halifax homes and businesses with tailored electrical solutions for renovations. In the realm of remodeling, the right electrical work not only enhances functionality but also brings your vision to life. Our home renovation service is meticulously designed to adapt your electrical system to new layouts, modern appliances, and lighting designs.

Our home renovation services range from kitchen remodels to complete home overhauls. We ensure that wiring, outlets, and fixtures align perfectly with your aesthetic and operational goals. We also provide detailed consultations to understand your needs, offering custom electrical designs for your space while adhering to the highest safety standards.

Choosing Right At Home Electric for your home renovation projects means you’ll work with experts who understand the importance of blending functionality with style. A well-executed electrical renovation not only increases your property’s value but also enhances your daily living experience. It’s an investment in comfort, safety, and efficiency, appealing to future buyers with its up-to-date and customized electrical system.

With us, your renovation isn’t just about updating your space; it makes your property more livable, lovable, and functional. 


Heat Pumps

At Right At Home Electric, we optimize the comfort and efficiency of Halifax homes and businesses through professional heat pump wiring services. Heat pumps are a cornerstone of modern, eco-friendly heating and cooling systems, providing year-round comfort. This service ensures that your heat pump is integrated flawlessly with your electrical system, delivering optimal performance and energy efficiency.

We bring precision and expertise to every heat pump wiring project. From the initial installation to upgrades, we work closely with you to ensure that the electrical infrastructure supports your heat pump’s requirements. We conduct thorough assessments to tailor our wiring solutions, guaranteeing they meet both your current needs and future demands.

Choosing us for your heat pump wiring means investing in a service that enhances the functionality of your property. Properly wired heat pumps not only contribute to a more comfortable environment for you, your family, and/or your employees, but also appeal to energy-conscious buyers, potentially increasing your properties market value.

With Right At Home Electric, your heat pump installation is more than a routine job; it’s a step toward more sustainable energy use. We pride ourselves on providing wiring solutions that allow you to enjoy the full benefits of your heat pump.

Swimming Pools

and Hot Tubs

At Right At Home Electric, we specialize in the electrical aspects of swimming pool and hot tub installations for Nova Scotian homes and other residential properties. Swimming pools and hot tubs are the pinnacle of luxury for backyards and apartment buildings alike, but they require precise electrical work to ensure safety, functionality, and efficiency. Our service focuses on the intricate wiring and electrical connections that make your aquatic features a safe and enjoyable addition to your property.

We’re able to navigate the complex electrical requirements of pools and hot tubs. From the initial wiring to the integration of lighting and heating systems, we ensure every component is correctly installed and compliant with the highest safety standards. We also provide personalized consultations that meet your specific needs.

We’re commited to quality and safety. Well-executed electrical work not only secures your investment but also adds value to your property by ensuring your leisure installations are both appealing and up to code. It’s an investment in peace of mind, knowing that your pool and/or hot tub is equipped with reliable, efficient electrical systems.

With us, your pool and hot tub projects go beyond basic installation; they embody excellence in electrical craftsmanship. We take pride in powering your relaxation and entertainment spaces, ensuring they are safe, efficient, and ready to be the centerpiece of your properties outdoor life.

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